Valley Health Cancer Treatment Center: Low Maintenance Trex Pergola Kits Case Study

Project Overview:

The brand new Valley Health Cancer Treatment Center along with the Trex Healing Garden opened in August after five years of planning, fundraising and construction and now helps “benefit cancer patients, their families and staff, functionally and aesthetically, by providing a bright, hopeful environment for those who, together, fight this disease,” said Valley Health System President and CEO, Mark H. Merrill. Four Trex Pergolas with a simple, modern design and custom end detail were chosen to enhance the garden and provide shade over seating areas. The peaceful outdoor destination creates beautiful views from within the treatment center and provides a shared space for recovery.


Low Maintenance Pergolas at Virginia Hospital - cPVC Pergola - Trex Pergola
Trex Pergolas at Valley Health Healing Garden
Custom cPVC Pergolas at Valley Health Healing Garden
Low Maintenance Shade Structure at Virginia Hospital - cPVC Pergola - Trex Pergola
Custom Pergola on Hospital Deck - cPVC Pergola - Trex Pergola
Low Maintenance Pergola at Virginia Hospital - cPVC Pergola - Trex Pergola


The Healing Garden was in need of multiple shade structures that would help complete a peaceful outdoor destination with expansive views from the indoors to create a sense of community and reduce fear during difficult times. Trex Pergola addressed the following challenges:



Trex Pergola helped design four low-maintenance shade structures for architectural beauty and coverage with multiple locations within the healing garden. The tranquil and inspiring garden helps with personal reflection and provides captivating views during indoor procedures.



Trex Healing Garden is an integral part of the Valley Health Cancer Treatment Center. It helped to expand the healing power found inside the treatment center to the outdoors. Visitors are presented with restful views from the south side of the building while having the ability to step outside into the garden, rejuvenate and find inspiration for personal healing. From the large low-maintenance Trex Pergola over the koi pond to the multiple shade structures following the curve of the deck and shielding seating areas, this outdoor destination will provide pleasing views and a functional space for patients, families and staff.


Please download the PDF version of the Valley Health Cancer Treatment Center Case Study PDF for structure’s dimensions.

Trex Pergola brings outdoor living to new heights and provides the framework for your outdoor room. Offered in many standard sizes as well as custom shapes and sizes, Trex Pergola provides architectural interest as well as the perfect amount of shade and privacy. Add lighting, curtains, heaters or a fan to create the retreat of your dreams. You can be confident that your new Trex Pergola will not rot, warp, or split and is 100% termite-proof. It will provide years of low-maintenance beauty and enjoyment. Trex Pergola is exclusively manufactured by Structureworks Fabrication.

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