Project Overview:

Rehoboth Beach’s 19-year-old outlets were recently renovated by Legacy Construction Services to keep the shopping center fresh. Looking to add depth to the store fronts, architectural detail and provide greater curb appeal, shade structures were utilized between Under Armour and VC Outlet. The structures now shield shoppers walking to the newly renovated restrooms and provides a seamless, dry transition between stores. Trex Pergola with ShadeRight Fixed canopy was the ideal choice for form and function and helped complete the update.

Tanger Outlet Overview

Tanger Outlets Large Trex Pergola Over Restrooms
Double Trex Pergola Kit Over Shopping Center
Tanger Outlet Rafters ShadeRight Fixed Canopy and Integrated Electrical for Lighting
Tanger Outlets Bayside Shopping Center With Trex Pergolas and ShadeRight Fixed Canopies
Tanger Outlets Dual Trex Pergolas with Fixed Canopy
Trex Pergolas at Tanger Outlets with ShadeRight Fixed Canopy over Restrooms


Tanger Outlets was looking for functional architectural detail that would provide protection for shoppers from sun and rain for a comfortable and seamless shopping experience with easy upkeep. Trex Pergola addressed the following challenges:

Tanger Outlet Challenge


Legacy Construction Services, in collaboration with Trex Pergola, designed two large shade structures that made a statement. The low-maintenance finish, fixed canopy and custom look gave Tanger Outlets a beautiful transitional space for ease of shopping and beautiful curb appeal.

Tanger Outlet Solution


Looking to provide an attractive place to work and shop, renovation of Tanger Outlets has freshened up the shopping center and brought it up to date. A beautiful new look means fresh brands and influx of new shoppers making this a major retail destination in this seaside town. Updating the color scheme, lighting, and architectural detail, including two custom Trex Pergolas with ShadeRight Fixed canopies, the exteriors curb appeal and overall functionality is providing enjoyment for visitors and neighbors alike! The low-maintenance, easy care of these shade structures will provide lasting coastal style day or night.

Please download the PDF version of the Tanger Outlets Bayside: Low Maintenance Trex Pergolas with Fixed Canopies for structure’s dimensions.

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