Project Overview:

Beechwood Landscape, Architecture and Construction worked closely with Fretz Corporation on a time sensitive project. They wanted to create an exterior living space with all the bells and whistles to help meet the ever increasing demand for exterior kitchens and outdoor living. With the pressure on to complete the project for the grand opening, the exterior showroom needed to have that WOW factor. The high end kitchen was equipped with Wolfe and Sub Zero appliances and was pulled together with a large, custom Trex Pergola providing the finishing details and completing the outdoor showroom.

Trex Pergola Over Outdoor Showroom with Integrated Fans and Full Kitchen
Trex Pergola Over Outdoor Showroom with Integrated Fans and Full Kitchen
Commercial Trex Pergola Over Outdoor Showroom
Custom Trex Pergola Over Outdoor living Showroom
Trex Pergola Over Outdoor Showroom with Integrated Fans and Full Kitchen


Fretz Corporation was looking for a low-maintenance shade structure that would complement appliances in the exterior showroom and provide a sense of enclosure with added amenities to inspire buyers to dream big. Trex Pergola addressed the following challenges:


Beechwood Landscape, in close collaboration with Trex Pergola, designed the expansive shade structure with integrated wiring for ceiling fans, up and down lighting for illumination of the high end appliances for complete kitchen operation in the evening. The traditional look of the structure gave the space a high-end, classic feel.


This impressive outdoor showroom leaves nothing to the imagination. Those looking for high end kitchen equipment won’t be disappointed when they step foot outdoors into this fully functional living space. Clients are now able to see, feel and experience how Fretz Corporation will upgrade their own exterior living space. The outdoor showroom wouldn’t be complete without the classic, low-maintenance, Trex Pergola. The custom structure adds needed shade and cooling breeze for client comfort. The integrated lighting within Trex Pergola accentuates each workstation and it’s appliances helping to create a true outdoor showroom that is functional and classically beautiful.

Please download the PDF version of the Fretz Corporation Outdoor Showroom – Trex Pergola Kit Case Study for structure’s dimensions.

Trex Pergola brings outdoor living to new heights and provides the framework for your outdoor room. Offered in many standard sizes as well as custom shapes and sizes, Trex Pergola provides architectural interest as well as the perfect amount of shade and privacy. Add lighting, curtains, heaters or a fan to create the retreat of your dreams. You can be confident that your new Trex Pergola will not rot, warp, or split and is 100% termite-proof. It will provide years of low-maintenance beauty and enjoyment. Trex Pergola is exclusively manufactured by Structureworks Fabrication.