Project Overview:

UDR, Inc., a leading multifamily real estate investment trust, specializing in luxury apartments, wanted to provide two defined spaces on separate rooftop patios for residents and guests at the new Del Ray Tower in Alexandria, Virginia. Each outdoor living design area had distinctive needs. The lower rooftop patio was intended for outdoor entertaining and socializing where residents could cook on gas grills or dine al fresco while being shielded from the sun. The upper rooftop recreation area incorporates seating with shady and scenic views of Alexandria and Washington, D.C. Each pergola is equipped with integrated lighting for around-the-clock use. Structureworks was able to provide low-maintenance Trex Pergolas helping to delineate each area while adding shade and architectural style to each space.

Overview of Trex Pergola Project on Del Ray Tower Rooftop

Commercial Rooftop Pergola with Outdoor Seating Area
Low Maintenance Trex Pergola Kits in cPVC
Custom Pergola over Grill Area Del Ray Tower - Trex Pergola


UDR, Inc. wanted to create two areas where residents could socialize and entertain day and night with the option to cook or enjoy beautiful views of the city. Trex Pergola addressed the following challenges:

Rooftop design challenge at Del Ray Tower


Working with Recreation Dynamics we were able to create two custom Trex Pergolas which allowed for defined areas with added shade and high wind resistance for both rooftop patios. We came up with a few simple solutions.

Solution for rooftop space and design


With beautiful skyline views of Alexandria and Washington D.C., residents and guests enjoy a perfectly shaded rooftop patio with seating. On the lower patio, entertaining becomes a breeze with our shade structure leaving cooling shade over double grills. Low-maintenance materials and minimal upkeep makes sure to keep these two areas looking clean, cool and ready for more dining.


For more detailed information, please download the Del Ray Tower Case Study PDF!

Trex Pergola brings outdoor living to new heights and provides the framework for your outdoor room. Offered in many standard sizes as well as custom shapes and sizes, Trex Pergola provides architectural interest as well as the perfect amount of shade and privacy. Add lighting, curtains, heaters or a fan to create the retreat of your dreams. You can be confident that your new Trex Pergola will not rot, warp, or split and is 100% termite-proof. It will provide years of low-maintenance beauty and enjoyment. Trex Pergola is exclusively manufactured by Structureworks Fabrication.